The Top 11 Insights Into Becoming The Next Media Company

The Top 11 Insights Into Becoming The Next Media Company

Can you turn your brand into a Social Business by reading a book?  No, not by simply reading it. Become a student of these concepts and become The Next Media Company.

I recently had the opportunity, and the pleasure I might add, to spend about 30 hours with Michael Brito, the author of Your Brand – The Next Media Company and Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization.  We spent the majority of the time discussing “Your Brand” and the techniques and skills needed to turn a company into a “Social Business”.  As part of these discussions, I read the book. A novel concept, and a wise choice.

I had been on social media for a long time.  In 2004 – 2005 I started a blog and a podcast.  I was amazed at the opportunity to be able to publish my thoughts, ideas and information on the internet.  I did it for a few months and unfortunately life got in the way, other things became a priority and I stopped doing the podcast and the blog.  According to Joe Pulizzi, in his book “Epic Content Marketing”, talks about an IBM study that found that many business blogs had fewer than 5 posts before they were shut down. Mine was one.

I continued to stay socially active as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter came onto the scene.  I joined Linked In around 2005 and have grown to over 1200 connections.  I joined Facebook at about the same time and have over 600 Friends.


I joined Twitter in November of 2008 and before I met Michael Brito in April of this year, I had finally passed the 100 follower mark.  Six years and 100 followers on one of the fastest growing social media platforms.  I thought I was doing well.

Since reading his book on Social Media Marketing Strategy and doing the things Michael Brito (@Britopian) recommended, my social reach, My Brand, has grown, tremendously.

I would like to share my thoughts on Michael Brito’s book –  Your Brand – The Next Media Company over the next several weeks.

Your Brand – The Next Media Company

by Michael Britoimage

Book Analysis

I grew up with in the time of the Encyclopedia.  The Encyclopedia contained “Everything” you needed to know about the world in a concise 26 volumes, A-Z, plus the exhaustive Annual Edition with highlights of the year.  There were actually Encyclopedia Salesmen that went door – to – door to sell you subscriptions to “Encyclopedia Britannica” and others.  I loved reading the encyclopedia.  It was always informative.  Your Brand, is like an encyclopedia if your world is your brand.  You can learn about techniques, social media products, strategy guidelines and methods to make your brand a Media Company.  Many encyclopedia readers have gone on to be Jeopardy winners. Maybe your brand will be a Media Company winner if you read the book by Michael Brito.

Section 1: Understanding the External and Internal Landscape

Chapter 1: Understanding the Social Customer and the Chaotic World We Live In

Today’s society and environment is dynamic and chaotic. Michael describes the “Social Customer” that is living in this chaotic world today.  Google partnered with Ipso and Sterling Brands on a study that showed that people today live in a multi-screen economy, accessing multiple technology devices at one time.  As I sit here typing this post, I am working on a laptop, watching TV and watching my smartphone light up as new tweets and Facebook posts come across the screen.  The ultimate result of this simultaneous usage of devices is, as Michael aptly describes, is Consumer Attention Deficit Disorder (CADD). 

My Insight on Chapter 1.

The key takeaway from this chapter is that businesses must be able to adapt, blend in and communicate with the dynamic consumer in all of these environments.  We must tell our story with relevant content.

There are 10 more insightful chapters that offer more information and knowledge that will help guide you making your brand a Media Company.



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