The Top 11 Insights Into Becoming The Next Media Company – Chapter 2

Part 2 – My Review of Your Brand, The Next Media Company – By Michael Brito YourBrand Michael, in Chapter 2, discusses how businesses cannot just “get into Social Media”. Doing so, can be very destructive and detrimental to the business that treats it like the next “Shiny Object”. Companies must go into this arena with a defined Social Business Strategy Plan.   The business must determine if they want to be a Social Brand or a Social Business. Using the Social Business Value Model the business can strive to create a plan that ends up with business results that are meeting business goals.    

  Michael BritoMichael Brito is Group Director, Media & Engagement at a Marine, and is the author of Your Brand – The Next Media Company (click on the link to order from Amazon) and Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization. You can follow Micheal on Twitter at @Britopian.

  The 3 Pillars of Social Business The biggest insight of this chapter, I believe, is the Three Pillars of a Social Business: People, Process and Platforms. I see this concept in my own company coming to life as we strive to be a Social Business.

As Michael describes in My Brand, the definition of a Social Business Strategy is “a documented plan of action that helps evolve and transform the thinking of an organization bridging internal and external social initiatives resulting in collaborative connections, a more social organization, and shared value for all stakeholders (Customer, Partners and Employees).”

A strong Social Business Strategy must contain these three pillars:

  1. People – Behavior changes stated and pushed down from the executive level , stakeholder participation and organizational models.
  2. Processes – The second pillar is process or workflow.  Social Media Governance policies, content workflows, technology integrations and metrics frameworks.
  3. Platforms – Systems and solutions for Online monitoring (listening), analytics, Content platforms, Social CRM and internal collaborations.  Technology is the last thing that should be part of the discussion.

The Social Business Value Creation Model Being a Social Business for the sake of being “social” or because it’s the cool thing to do these days is not what is important.  My Brand – points out that the purpose and result of collaboration and being social must be value creation.  Depending on what the goals of your business are, will determine what value means to you.  It could be:

  • Higher revenues
  • Cost savings from reduced Call Center use
  • Increased Employee Morale
  • Retaining top talent
  • Improved business process efficiencies
  • Product & Process innovation

When you read the book, you will learn that when you consider Social Business, you must take into account, the brand, the content AND the customer experience.  Michael says, “These three elements must co-create value to its stakeholders.” Chapter 2 goes on to explain the difference between a Social Brand and a Social Business and how the two work together to achieve business results. Check out Your Brand – The Next Media Company for more in depth explanations. I have seen these concepts being implemented at a company.  They work well and you can have similar success.  Following Michael’s advice and suggestions, I have taken My Brand to greater reach on the Internet and in Social Media.  My Twitter followers at @TonyWCMB have grown over 1000% since spending time learning from Michael Brito. My Klout score went from 14.5 to 59. Contact us at Antone Media and let us know how we can help.



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