Beware of Ampires Among Us

Beware of Ampires Among Us

My wife and I went to Pasadena, California for the Independence Day weekend.  We had a long weekend and wanted to go someplace she had not been in California.  We moved to CA almost four years ago from the Atlanta, Georgia area and want to see as much of California as we can.  There is so much to see.

Suffer No Fools

When we arrived in Pasadena, we went to our hotel, the Marriott Courtyard.  As we checked in the Concierge, Michael Williams, said there was a concert across the street at the Levitt Pavillion across the street.  Michael set us up with front row fold out seats on the lawn and delivered the food we ordered.  We felt like the stars of the show.  Way to Go Michael and Marriott Courtyard.  What a great customer service experience.   But back to the purpose of this post.

Jessee Harvey – Vocalist of The Duhks  introduced the song Suffer No Fool from their newly released album, Beyond The Blue.  The song, she stated was about those people that suck the energy out of you when you are around them, (What I call “Ampires”) and how she is not going to Suffer No Fools any longer.  The song is great, so check it out on the website and then buy the album.

Jessee reminded me of my thoughts on what many people have named Energy Vampires.  Those people that “suck the energy” out of you whenever they walk into the room or talk to you.  I have encountered many of those myself in my life and I have named them “Ampires”.  I dropped the V because “Ampires” is a more appropriate name.

 Energy Sucks

An AMP is a measurement of Energy or actually the abbreviation of the word Ampere.  From


                     [am-peer, am-peer] Show IPA

 noun Electricity .

the basic unit of electrical current in the International System of Units (SI), equivalent to one coulomb per second, formally defined to be the constant current which if maintained in two straight parallel conductors of infinite length, of negligible circular cross section, and placed one meter apart in vacuum, would produce between these conductors a force equal to 2 × 10 −7  newton per meter of length. Abbreviation:  A, amp.
Also, am·père.
1881;  named after A. M. Ampère

Since Energy Vampires suck the energy out of those around them I decided they needed their own name, therefore, I removed the V and now refer to them as AMPIRES.

How do Ampires suck the energy out of you?  Are you having a good day, excited and full of positive spirit and all of a sudden, someone comes around and starts talking to you and suddenly you are depressed and negative?  The Ampire has struck.

I bring up Ampires in this post because as part of the Goal Getting training, we recommend telling someone in your support network about your goals.  Having a mentor or someone in your support network to help you be responsible for your actions is important in goal achievement.  However, it is critical that you choose this person carefully.  Beware of the Ampires Among Us.

What Do Ampires Look Like

CuteVampire White Background

No, Ampires do not look like this cute little creature.  Vampire BW WHT

No, they don’t look like Dracula, either.

They don’t look like our friend here, either.

Vampire Dude 2

It is difficult to say what an Ampire looks like.  They really are different for everyone.  Saturday Night Live did a skit a few years ago about an Ampire they called “Debbie Downer”.  Debbie Downer was a co-worker and friend that sucked the life out of parties, fun and excitement.  Debbie Downer was an Ampire!

They are always complaining about something or coming up with some negativity our of a positive situation.  Debbie wasn’t some supernatural being, but someone all of her friends knew.

What they look like is your neighbor, friend, co-worker or worse, they look just like a family member or maybe your Spouse.  That is the most disheartening when they are relatives or family members.  When this is the case, it makes it very difficult to avoid the Ampires, but it is important to keep your dreams and goals to yourself as much as possible.  They will do everything in their power to sabotage you and your goals.

Find a mentor or someone with like-mindedness and share it with them.

If the Ampires are very close to you, do your best to share what you have to, but you are going to have to work harder to overcome their energy sucking attitudes.  If they aren’t close, distance yourself as much as possible from them.  You can achieve your goals.  You can do what you desire to do.

Slay the Ampire with distance and with extreme positiveness.

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