5 Characteristics of a Media Company Your Company Must Master

Setting the Stage for Social Business Transformation

Section 2 of “Your Brand” is about the transformation a business must go through to become a Media Company. ”

“Several tasks must be undertaken to build the proper foundations and the needed infrastructures that will allow you to focus on your content operations internally…”

Three key steps that must be undertaken are:

  1. Build a Centralized Editorial Team.
  2. Establish a Brand Advocacy Program
  3. Launch a Social Business Command Center

Part 3 – My Review of Your Brand, The Next Media Company – By Michael Brito YourBrand

In my time with Micheal Brito, he explained that every brand should strive to become a Media Company as described by people like Tom Foremski, publisher of tech blog Silicon Valley Watcher and Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman Public Relations.  Unfortunately, as he stated, “most brands either don’t realize it, resist it or have no idea how to make it happen.”

“How to make it happen” is found in this book.

Michael BritoMichael Brito is Group Director, Media & Engagement at a Marine, and is the author of Your Brand – The Next Media Company (click on the link to order from Amazon) and Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization. You can follow Micheal on Twitter at @Britopian.

 Chapter 3 – Establishing a Centralized “Editorial” Social Business Center of Excellence

There are several take-aways and insights in Chapter 3 that will help businesses in their quest to become The Next Media Company. Brands must strive to make these 5 Characteristics Of Media Companies a part of their transition strategy if they expect to break through what Michael has termed “CADD – Content Attention Deficit Disorder”.

  • Storytelling
    Being able to tell a story is important for media companies.  Using narrative and long-form content to tell a story will help to engage readers.
  • Content
    Creation of content must be a major priority for brands.  Keeping content out there for followers and subscribers to stay connected is critical.  Many large media companies publish thousands of articles and blog posts each day.
  • Relevance
    Providing content that is timely and has near time or real time relevance to someone will be imperative.  Keep it current and relevant to “Someone, Somewhere”.
  • Ubiquity
    You need to be able to feed the content beast when it is hungry, which is every day!  Providing content across the many media channels such as video, blogs, tweets, etc., help build the brand and keep your message constant.
  • Agility
    Being able to move quickly is a trait of media companies.  Creating an internal structure to allow creativity and authority will allow your team to move quickly and provide content real-time when the time arises.

Establishing these traits can help your brand not only respond to real-time needs of your customers, but also to the negative criticism when it comes.

Building Your Social Business Center of Excellence (CoE)

It is fascinating watching a company as they strive to become a Media Company.  One company I am working with has put together a CoE.  Their goal is to drive social media adoption within the company.  This process, and it is a process, includes creating governance guidelines, implementing social and community applications, developing and presenting training and more importantly working with management and stakeholders to change organizational behaviors.

“The goal of transforming your brand to a media company requires an epidemic of change.”

Your Brand defines the some of the considerations for building a Social Business Center of Excellence as:

  • The vision and the message will be communicated to others.
    • The goal of the CoE should be “to influence and change behaviors of others, ultimately transforming your brand into a media company.
  • Finding willing Change Agents.
    • Finding what Malcolm Gladwell calls “connectors, mavens and salespeople” will help transform your company.
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities
    • Creating a CoE team with the right “soft” skills needed to evangelize & educate your organization about the vision your company has.
  • Celebrate Short Term Wins
    • As taught in our Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em program, the importance of short-term goals in your overall long-term strategy is critical.  Short-term goals help keep the team focused and excited as social business transformation can take several years.

One of the products used by companies to help transform a company to a social business is Jive.  Michael Brito spotlights Jive at the end of Chapter 3 and the company I have been working with also uses this technology as a tool to socialize the organization.  It is a great tool, offering enterprise collaboration tools and a great interface to engage organizational members by building communities where business units can learn “social” skills.

If you are starting a program at your company to become a Social Business, you should read this book.  It offers great knowledge and skills that your company will need in your quest to become “The Next Media Company”.

If we can give you any assistance in your quest to implement a Social Business Strategy, let us know.  Simply fill in the form below and we will be happy to chat.