How to grow your followers over 1000%

Dude You Are On FIre!

“Dude, You are on fire! “, Eugene said excitedly.  I looked around for the smoke and flames on my clothes, but realized he was talking about my Social Media growth.  He was excited about my growing my Twitter followers by over 1000% and my Klout score from 14.5 to 59 all within about 90 Days.


“You should speak at our Social Media Champions meeting next month.”, Eugene said.  “Talk about a layman’s guide to Social Media.  We tell everyone all the time they should get into Social Media, but we do it for work.  They should hear how it is done from a layman’s point of view.”

So, I agreed to do it!

Eugene is one of our company Social Media Community Managers.   As part of the Social Media Team he is responsible for evangelizing our internal social media platform and working with our Social Media Champions at the company.  Our Social Media Team is building a strong Social Business.

Honestly, I was as surprised as Eugene about my Fired Up social growth.  I had joined Twitter in November 2008 mainly to start searching for employment.  Since that time I had used it very infrequently.  I was active on Facebook and Linked In, but never understood the benefit of Twitter.  I wasn’t a luddite in the social media world, I was actually doing social media before it was called that.  I was on AOL when it came out, I joined Facebook and Linked In shortly after they started and I was actually Blogging and Podcasting in 2004/2005.  I quit Blogging and Podcasting for some reason in early 2005.

In early 2013 I started taking Marketing courses at UC Berkely.  In April of this year, I enrolled in Social Media Marketing Strategy.  That is when the SPARK struck and an old passion was Re-Ignited!   The instructor for the class was Micheal Brito ( @Britopian ) a well known influencer in Social Media.  I had never heard of him.

Just before the start of the course I had checked my Twitter account and saw that I had finally passed Triple Digits….!  I passed the 100 f500 Twitter Followers - May 9 2014ollowe1000 Twitter Followers 6-17-2014r mark.  It only took me almost 6 year.  I was excited!!  I had never hear of Klout or a Klout Score before the class.  Someone mentioned it during one of the classes so I checked it.  It was a 14.5 just before I started the class.

Michael Brito was a great instructor and I decided that I would listen and follow his advice and recommendations and see what would happen.  What happened was, he reignited a passion for what is now called Social Media.  By the end of the course my Twitter Followers had passed 1000!  When I checked my Klout Score shortly after the course, it was at 58.  From 14.5 – 58 and from 100 followers to over 1200 within 90 Days.   I also decided to continue Blogging  and now am planning to start Podcasting again.

Michael Brito “Struck the Spark” that Set Me On Fire.  So I now had the opportunity to share my success with other Social Media Champions!

How did I raise my Klout Score so much, so fast?

How did I grow my Twitter followers by over 1000%?

I followed directions.

These are the steps that Michael Brito suggested:

  1. Follow the right people.
    Find people in the industry you want to get into.  Find people that are Influencers in that industry and follow them.
  2. Tweet and Tweet Often.
    Share the tweets and other content from the Influencers that you follow.  Tweet Often!  Set up a schedule with the best time to post in your industry. Re-Tweet other stuff.
  3. Use the 80/20 Rule.
    Tweet 80% of Other People’s Stuff and 20% of your own (Blog, etc.)  Share relevant content from your influencers or others in your niche.
  4. Create your own long-form content (Owned Media).
    Start Blogging.  Blog once per week at a minimum.  We were required to do once per week for class.

So I did!  And I still am!  I continue to Blog even after class….you are reading my new Blog here.  I set up a schedule for Tweeting and use Buffer to help me schedule my tweets.  It’s tough while working a full-time job to Tweet when I want / need to.  Buffer has helped a lot.  I joined Instagram and started being active there as @RobertAntone.  I am very excited about learning more about the Social Media “business”.  As I stated earlier, I am in the process of creating a new Podcast.  My new venture, Antone Media (@AntoneMedia) was created to allow me to enjoy my new passion for Social Media and produce my media ideas.

One of the things I tweet and blog about is my program, Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em.  I am in the process of creating an eBook on How to Set Goals Effectively to Achieve Them.  If you would like to be on the list to get your FREE COPY of the eBook, register below and we will send to you when completed.