Why Can’t You Reach Your Goals If You Are So SMART?

Goal Achievement is a Journey!

Goal Getting is a journey to excellence and achievement!

Yea, Why can’t you achieve your goals?

You think you’re smart, at least you thought you were when you set SMART Goals. So, why aren’t you successful?

I am sure you have heard of how setting SMART Goals are important. I have heard and recommend the use of the SMART Goal concept. According to every goal setting seminar speaker or book you read, they will tell you that Goals should be SMART.

These characteristics or traits of a goal are important in setting goals, but unfortunately, many people follow these 5 traits when they work on setting their goals.  However, few are Successful.  . . . OR ARE THEY?

Maybe you are Successful!               “Successful At Failing”!

SMART Goals are necessary to Success.When setting goals it is important to create them with the SMART traits.  These should be the “minimum requirements”.  They don’t have all of the ingredients to Goal Getting, however.

For those of you that don’t know, SMART stands for:

  • S = Specific
    Goals should be specific, clear and precise. What exactly do you want to accomplish. How can this being accomplished. “I want to get in shape.” Is not specific. What is meant by “in shape”.
  • M = Measurable
    Goals must be quantifiable. What has to be done. How do I know when Done Is? What are the specific steps that must be completed so that I can say I accomplished my goal.
  • A= Achievable / Attainable
    Goals must be able to be accomplished. They have to be goals that can be done. Winning the Lottery is not a goal! Yes, you could win the lottery, but other than buying the ticket, you cannot do anything to achieve the goal. Lotteries are games of chance.
  • R = Realistic
    Goals that are realistic are determined by what you are willing and able to do to accomplish them. It is what you really believe you can do. Is it something that with the right amount of belief, work and ability you can achieve?
  • T = Timely / Time Bound
    Goals must have a date attached to them. Goals Without a Date are Dreams! You can and should Dream Big, but if you don’t put a deadline to that Dream, it is just that, a Dream

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Napoleon Hill – 1883

I recently read a program from UC Davis Medical School Employee Development where they included two additional tasks to the SMART Goals to make them even “SMARTER” Goals:

  • E = Evaluate
    Goals should be reviewed regularly and adjust as necessary.
    In the LEAN Startup methodology, this is referred to as Pivoting. You should be aware of when changes in life or business require the need to change and then change.
  • R = Re-Do
    Re-Do the SMARTER process after evaluation reveals the need to adjust or pivot.This is a new concept and is sometimes chided by some motivational speakers. You should just Push Through the obstacles. However, most successful people will tell you that it is better to

“Fail Often, Fail Fast!”

People want to be successful at achieving their goals and these concepts are necessary and true.

Yet most of  YOU that Set SMART Goals DO NOT ACHIEVE YOUR goals.


Perhaps Your Subconscious Mind is telling you that by NOT Achieving Your Goals, You Are Successful!

Your mind could be programmed to see where you are now as a success.   The Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em program takes it further, using successful mental and physical techniques to allow you to re-program the subconscious mind so you can actually achieve the goals you set.

I know that was my problem for years. I kept asking myself, “Why Can’t I Achieve My Goals?”  I set New Year’s Resolutions every year, I go to all of the Motivational Seminars, I listen to motivational tapes, yet I never seem to achieve my goals.  Does that sound like you?

It was really frustrating!  That is until I learned the techniques that I now share in Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em.  I would like to share the start of THE PROGRAM with your FOR FREE!  We are publishing our eBook,  “Goal Setting to Goal Getting”  soon.  We are going to send it to you FREE if you Register for it below.  Once we release it, it will no longer be FREE.  Register For Your Free Copy Today.

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