6 Free Back to School Goal Setting Tips

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It’s Back To School Time!  And I know your kids are really excited.  Probably not as much as you, but this is a new year and new challenges.

We all want our kids to enjoy school and to do their best.  I wish that I had know about goal setting when I was in school.  I did well enough, but I believe I could have achieve more, had I been more aware of what it took to succeed.  Once that I learned these skills, I was able to take my life and career to a much greater level.

These 6 Back to School Goal Setting Tips will help you guide your kids to be successful in what they strive for this year and many more to come.


Write down what they want to accomplish!

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, interviewed several of the most successful people of his time.  This included people like Andrew Carnegie.  One of the top characteristics of these successful people was that they all had

“The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down …”

Writing your goals down is one of the most important things you can do.

What are some of your kid’s goals?  Sit down with them and help them write them down.  Start with a basic definition of what they want to achieve.

Make a sports team.
Get an A in Algebra class.
Be elected to Student Council office.

After they have an idea of what they want, then proceed to the next tip.



Be Specific – Specific is Terrific

“Clearly Defined, Written Goals”

Work on being as specific about their goals as possible.  Be sure to clearly define what they want to achieve.  Set a deadline so that you know when they need to be achieved.

I will play third base for the varsity baseball team in the 2015 Season.

I will pass my Algebra class this year with an A.

I will be elected to Student Council President in 2014.

Once you created the true definition of what they want to achieve, then the next step is:



Set An Action Plan

Goals won’t get accomplished without action.  Define what steps it will take to achieve your goal.Graded_Paper

If your goal is to earn an A at the end of the school you, what must be achieved to accomplish that?

Get an A on every test?

Get an A on every quiz?

Do all of your homework?

What does the syllabus call for? Find out from your teacher, exactly what they require.



Keep track of your tasks and measure each step with something that means something to you.

When I was in a sales training school, we used a Top Gun theme.  As a fighter pilot we tracked our flight training by mileage.  We set weekly goals to attain.  Each task that we needed to be successful in our career in sales  was assigned a number of miles.  Some tasks were more miles than others due to their importance to being successful.  This allowed us to measure how we were doing on a daily basis.  We knew what we needed to do to achieve success.  We chose which task to do, and were able to gauge our progress as we went along the journey.

Keeping track of where you are, where you need to go, and how well you are doing will help motivate you to achieve your goal.

“What gets measured, gets done!

Tom Peters – Author –
A Passion for Excellence



Make A Commitment

Have your kids write out a commitment / promise to themselves.  A promise is important.  Today when we take out a mortgage on our home or buy a car or other item, we usually sign a Promissory Note.  This note is a PROMISE to pay according to the terms outlined in the note.Promissory_Note

Making a commitment or promise to yourself will mean a lot.  Here is an example of a Commitment to Yourself that can be written out by your kids.

I, “YOUR NAME”, will achieve “THIS GOAL” on “THIS DATE”.  I promise to do these steps to accomplish this goal:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3


“Sign Your Name”



Celebrate / Reward Accomplishments

ReSparklerward your kid’s accomplishments.  Determine the milestones or steps that are important and when they reach them, reward them with something that has been pre-defined.

Be sure to encourage them as they go along the path to achievement.


Set goals that are achievable, and follow these steps and your kids will be able to achieve the goals they set.



We are writing an eBook, the 9 Steps to Successful Goal Setting that takes these Tips even further.  Learn the rest of the steps to help your kids and yourself be successful at school and beyond.  Register below to be the first to receive the first FREE Copies.



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