Welcome Home! Oh, You Have To Move….

We had a great time on our Carnival Cruise vacation.

Carnival Sunshine Fun Ship

The Serenity Deck on the Carnival Sunshine

Then we got home and check the mail that was left for us.  Uh Oh! There was a letter from our landlord.  We have been renting our house since we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California almost four years ago.

Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, the housing prices are MUCH steeper and we really weren’t sure where we wanted to live.

That being said, we opened the letter from our landlord and were sadly informed we would have to move out in 60 Days!

We have thought about moving, and hadn’t been on a lease for about a year, but it still came as a shock.

We had been homeowners in Georgia, and not used to moving so frequently.  Of course we had been living here almost three years, but it still isn’t fun to be told you need to leave.

That is the trouble with Renting! You never know when the owner will push you out.

Are You Building Your Business on Rented Land?

Building on Rented Land

As I’ve been studying Social Media and Content Marketing Strategies from some of the top experts in the industry, I keep coming across this warning over and over again.

One of my favorite Bloggers and Podcasters, Michael Hyatt discusses this on his blog post

Don’t Build Your Social Media House on a Rented Lot

Here, Micheal advocates using a platform that you own when building your social media strategy as a small business.

“When it comes to your platform, you can’t afford to build your house on a rented lot.”

 – Michael Hyatt

Joe Puluzzi and Robert Rose of Content Marketing Institute on their RNR: This Old Marketing Podcast also talk about this begin an important part of your strategy in this podcast

Stop Building Your Branded Content on “Rented Land”

You can find out more by listening to their podcast and queuing to this location:

  • Why We Shouldn’t Build Branded Content on “Rented Land” (28:20): Robert and I discuss a profound article by John Battelle on why brands should not give in to publishing on the likes of Facebook (contributing article: Battelle Media).

Sonia Simone, Co-founder of Copyblogger is one of the foremost leaders in Social Media and Blogging.  She published a blog article on

The 10-Step Content Marketing Checklist

This 10-Step Checklist starts with

1. Don’t build on rented land

Before you create a single piece of content, think about where that content will live and how audiences will get to it.

Effective content marketing takes work. You’ll need energy, thought, and time to create good content — whether you create it yourself or use a capable professional writer.

Which means that nearly all of the content you create needs to live on a domain you control, using a platform you can do as you please with.

That means you’re not producing the bulk of your creative content for Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. And you’re not publishing on a “website in 20 minutes” solution that forces you to use someone else’s domain.

“If your domain isn’t http://www.YourWebsiteName.com, you don’t own your platform.”


I am in the process of building my new Podcast and am currently using the “free” WordPress Blog site, WordPress.com to host this page. I now have more incentive to continue building on “Owned Land” having been kicked out of the house I am renting.  Getting kicked out of my rental home is not overly critical.  It will have an impact since rental costs have increased significantly in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Imagine what it could do to your business if your platform shut down.  What impact would that have on your business?

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