7.5 Ways To Influence the Twitter Influencers

Cuo of Coffee Twitter Influencers

Pull yourself up and pour a big Cup O’Joe and listen to what the Pro’s from Team Caffeine over at Social Media Experts Social Caffeine say about the Best & Fastest way to get the attention of Twitter Influencers.


Twitter is by far the best social network for reaching out and meeting people. And you can reach out to anyone – no matter how high a status they have – as long as they have a Twitter account.

Many of the people to whom you can reach out could help your business. We’ll call these Twitter influencers.

Twitter influencers are the people in your niche or industry who could help you get ahead faster.

Maybe they are:

Big-name bloggers with thousands of followers, who could shine a light on your brand.

Potential investors in your new company.

Potential customers who would place big orders with your business.

So how can you catch them by the coat-tails and get them to notice you?

Lori R. Taylor and her “Social Media Barrista’s” at Team Caffeine outline

4 Simple Ways to Get Noticed By Twitter Influencers social-icons-08

1. Follow the Influencers in your niche.

One of my Social Media instructors, Micheal Brito, taught us in class that we should follow the people that we wanted to learn from.  I have tried to do that myself.

2. Talk to your Influencers.

Don’t just be a lurker.  Carry on a conversation with them.  Reply to their tweets.  Periodically, thank them if they share something that resonates with you

3. Retweet your Influencers.

If they tweet something that is informational or inspirational, share that with your followers by retweeting your influencers tweet.  They will be notified each time you do, seeing your name and making an impact.

4. Link to your Influencers Content.

Share their blog post or other information in your tweets.  Include their Twitter Handle in the tweet.

These are the basic steps to start developing that relationship and get noticed.  David Masters, is one of their lead writers.  They go on to share 3 of the more Advanced Methods to get noticed.

5. Write a Blog Post About the Influencer.

That’s what I am doing here.  I found this blog post I am referencing while reading another post I had received in my email.  I subscribe to their blog and when I receive notice of their posts, I usually read them.  I was reading their latest post and noticed the post about this topic “7 Ways to get FAST Attention from Twitter Influencers.”   It resonated with me and I wanted to share it in my blog post this week.

6. Pitch a Guest Post on Their Blog.

Really?  I like this one and will give this a shot sometime.  Heck, I’d love to even have them one of my influencers do a guest post on my blog.  That would be great.  If you know their blog and have developed a relationship with them, it may get you on their blog as a guest author and they will help promote you to their followers.

7. Join their Tribe on Other Social Platforms.

Continue to follow them on their other social media networks.  Join them on Linked In, Facebook and others that are of interest to you.  Don’t be a stalker, but keep up the relationship.  This will go a long way to continue building the relationship.

One of my favorite mentors in social media, branding and sales is Jeffrey Gitomer. In almost all his books he uses a .5 for all of his lists.  Since the Team Caffeine added a Bonus Strategy, I am going to label this Bonus Strategy as tip number 7.5 in honor of Jeffery Gitomer’s great books.

7.5 Rinse & Repeat.

Don’t just focus on one influencer.  There are likely many in your niche or area of interest.  You should do the same steps to several of your key target users.  Of course you can follow me, as I would be glad to connect and correspond.  I am not an influencer, YET.

So, if you haven’t already, check out the Social Caffeine Blog post below.  Subscribe to their blog.  I have received a lot of great information from them.

I’d also love it if you would leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this information.  If you have any suggestions or ideas that would be great, too.  Who are your influencers?  What have you done to get their attention?  – Again, no stalking!  LOL!


via 7 Ways to Get FAST Attention from Twitter Influencers | Social Media Consultant | Social Media Agency | Social Marketing.


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