Top 5 Cereal Killers in the United States

Breakfast Burrito

Yum! Breakfast Burrito Bar. Eggs, Bacon, Cheese!

Halloween is coming up soon. I once went to a Halloween party dressed as a Cereal Killer.

I had the small boxes of cereal glued to some clothes. I stabbed plastic knives through the boxes and smeared red “blood” over them and the clothes. Everyone loved it. Sorry no pictures of it. That was before Smartphones.

In horror, eh honor of that costume, I bring you the Top 5 Cereal Killers in modern history.

#1 – Breakfast Burrito

This is one of my favorite Cereal Killers. I love a good, “fresh” breakfast burrito. Are you one of those that wants the hash browns in the burrito? I don’t really care for hash browns in my burrito. I really only like hash browns if they are crispy. The Waffle House can make the best hash browns. I always ask for mine scattered and extra crispy, like a Frisbee. I am not sure if I could get crispy hash browns in a burrito. A good breakfast burrito has 3 eggs, cheddar cheese and good fresh salsa.

#2 – Bagel

Bagels for Breakfast

Bagel Tray with assorted bagels!

I love bagels, especially REAL NY Bagels. I had the pleasure of working in Northern NJ, close to New York CIty. In the NY area the bagels are the best. My boss and I would travel up from Atlanta, GA to our HQ office there and on the last day we would pick up a dozen or two to take back on the plane. They were the best. I haven’t found anything to top in Atlanta or in San Francisco Bay Area. My doctor did, however, tell me that donuts are better for me than bagels. They have fewer calories. Go figure, or should I say, “There goes my figure!”

#3 – The Donut

Under doctors orders, I have added Donuts to my list of Cereal Killers. I love donuts. My favorite are Krispy Kreme Donuts, that are hot and fresh. I am from The South and was introduced to Krispy Kreme at an early age. Then as now we often used them for fundraising. I remember standing on many street corners in the wee hours of the morning, hawking boxes of donuts for $2 a box. In San Francisco, they now go for $10 a box. They are still great for fundraising.

#4 – Sausage Biscuit

I am from The South and I was raised with bisquits. Sausage Biscuits were a staple for breakfast growing up. It has become a fast food favorite as well.. You can get a great biscuit with decent sausage at most fast food drive-thrus. Throw on an egg and some cheese and you have a great breakfast meal.

Breakfast Pastries
Assorted Breakfast Pastries, Cookies, Donuts

#5 – Yogurt

Not as easy to eat on the go as 1 – 4 above, but still something we have moved to from cereal. Greek yogurt is the new “thing” in yogurt. I remember when yogurt started being sold in grocery stores in the Atlanta area. It was Dannon – Fruit on the Bottom. You had to stir the fruit into the thick yogurt. It was Greek Yogurt back then. It slowly got watered-down and had fruit and flavors added, but the texture changed. We are heading back to good yogurt with Greek.


Enjoy these Cereal Killers and have a great Halloween.



This is kind of off topic, but I was thinking about having cereal for breakfast one morning before work. I decided I would eat one of my other favorite Cereal Killers at our office cafe.  These are my daily choices.  All are great tasting.  I do love cereal.  I often eat cereal for dinner, especially after working out at the gym or one of my long walks around downtown San Francisco after work.

What is your favorite Cereal Killer?   What is your favorite cereal?  My favorite cereal of all time is Captain Crunch. 

Fill me in on what your favorites are in the comments below. I would really appreciate it if you Follow Us.

Have a great, safe and fun Halloween.



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