3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting

It’s New Year’s Resolution Season

I say season, because like a sports season, people set New Year’s Resolution right before the beginning of the new year and they typically keep up with them for about three months afterward.  The New Year’s Resolution Season lasts from December through March.  Why does it last such a short time?

New Year’s Resolutions DON’T WORK!  Goals Work!

Check out this video of my Toastmasters Club speech.  It is Speech #6 – Vocal Variety.

I discuss The 3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting!

New Years Day is getting closer.  It’s time to start thinking about our Goals for next year.  I teach a program called Goal Getting – Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em!  In the program, I teach 9 Steps to Successful Goal Setting.  In my speech below, I only had about 7 minutes.  I shared these 3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting.


  •  The What!

    Clearly Defined Written Goals

    What is your goal? What do you want to achieve?

    What do you want to achieve.  Napoleon Hill interviewed the most successful people of his time. He found one overriding common factor between all of them.

“Clearly Defined, Written Goals”

Napoleon Hill

It is important to Write Your Goals Down!  It is even more important to Write Down Clearly Defined Goals.  Or, as I like to say,

“Specific Is Terrific!”

Tony Woodall

  • The How!

    Measurable Actions

    How will you get your goal? What will you do to achieve it?

    How are you going to achieve this goal?  What specific steps are you going to do to achieve it.  You need to define Measurable Action Steps and work toward achieving those steps.

    If weight loss is one of your goals – Weight Loss is the #1 New Years Resolution every year – you should know that you must burn 3500 Calories for every 1 Pound of body fat you want to lose.

    You have to Burn More Than You Take In!  I like to say you need to start my new diet program, the eL & eM Diet (eat Less & exercise More).

  • The Why!

    Know Your Why

    Why are you wanting to achieve this goal?

    When I first learned about this concept, I realized it was probably the most important concept.

    Why are you doing this?  Why do you want to achieve this goal?
    Knowing WHY will help you on those days when you feel tired, when you want to stop, When You Want To Quit!
    During those times you have to think about your WHY!  I may be as simple as you want to look better than you do now.  It might be because you have children or grandchildren you want to be around for when they grow up.  You should Know Your Why!

Using these 3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting as you start creating your goals for 2015 will put you ahead of the game and make Goal Setting Achievable.  Would you like to read more about the 9 Key Steps for Successful Goal Setting?  I am writing an eBook about them, what they are, how they work and why you should know your motivation.   I would love to send you a copy via email, and update you as I add new posts to the blog.