“Tear Down This Wall!”

I sit here this morning writing, thinking about how we all have walls that at times surround us and keep us from achieving our goals.

Tear Down Your Walls!

Today we celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall.   On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall started to dismantle.  It took only 29 months since President Reagan’s speech.

Thank you to the Reagan Foundation for posting on YouTube.

As you read in a previous post, when we returned from our vacation we were notified that we had to move within 60 days . This move is my current wall.

Unexpected expenses, unexpected time to do things related to the move, are all barriers, a wall, albeit a temporary one, that keep me away from doing the things I need to achieve my goal that I had planned to complete by the end of November.

I am working on creating and producing my podcast, “Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em”.  My goal is to have it ready for launch by the end of November.  I am not close to launching my podcast yet and have a lot to do.  But, I won’t let this wall stop me.  I will start to Tear Down This Wall.

Do you have walls that are you keeping from achieving your goals.  Remember, the Berlin Wall did not fall with President Reagan’s words.  It took 29 months, over 2 years, before the Berlin Wall began to fall.  On November 9th, 1987 the wall started to fall.  It took many more months before it was completely removed.

By removing the first barrier, the wall started to fall in small pieces, bit by bit.  Your walls are the same.  You just need to keep striving to achieve your goals and these walls will start to fall.

What is your biggest wall?  Do you want to know how to start tearing down your walls?  We are here to help.  What can you do?

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Tear Down Your Walls!