6 Crucial Steps to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing for 2015

“Relevance is a search engine’s holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.”

Marc Ostrofsky, an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and New York Times Best Selling Author.

Relevance is critical to online marketing, social media, etc.  Providing content that is relevant will set you apart from the competition.  When I was studying Social Media Marketing Strategy from Michael Brito @Britopian he stressed the importance of relevance in social media.  He told us there are 3 Key Reasons Why Relevant Content is important to Lock Out the Competition.

Locked Out!

Relevance offers the Keys to Locking Out the Competition.

  1. Relevance adds value to the conversation – When you listen to the people that are talking about Your Brand, you can learn what they need, what their problems are, if they are disgruntled, etc. Knowing this can allow your company to provide answers, ideas and information that can provide value to your customers.
  2. Relevance positions Your Brand as a trusted advisor – People look for those “Trusted Advisors” to provide relevant information that allows them to make educated decisions. When I was a Loan Officer, I wanted my customers and prospect to think of me as their “Trusted Advisor” in mortgage lending and real estate when they needed to get a new loan or refer someone they cared about.
  3. Relevance provides authenticity and believability. Being able to build trust will build loyalty. Providing relevant content shows that Your Brand is authentic and trustworthy, it makes what you say believable.  Customers buy from people they trust.

Let’s look at how you can can stay relevant in 2015.

Thanks to Jason Parks of The Media Captain for his post on Jeff Bullas’ Blog for these

6 Crucial Steps to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing for 2015.

“When it comes to online marketing, whether it be SEO, social media or paid advertising, being relevant is absolutely essential.

Online marketers want their Facebook posts to get hundreds if not thousands of comments, their tweets to get retweeted for the world to see and their search engine queries to catapult towards the top of Google.

Nobody wants to be standing in the corner at a New Year’s Eve party without having someone to kiss at midnight. The same can be said for digital marketers. They crave attention and in this competitive industry, having your content and website remaining relevant is a must if you want to succeed.”

If you follow the 6 crucial steps to stay relevant in the digital marketing landscape in 2015, online marketers will be seeking your expertise on how you gained so much ground on the competition.”

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