New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work! Don’t Do Them.

Setting Goals Properly Works!

Make your own path!

Set Your Path and Achieve Your Goals

When you start on your path to achieve a goal, you are often confronted with many obstacles and struggles that keep you from achieving that goal.

Does your journey seem to take you away from the goals you want to achieve?  Sometimes it seems that way. Oftentimes, that journey seems like you are going around the wrong way.  When you look at it you may just be going around the obstacles to get to the same goal, but without the uphill battles you would normally need to take.

On the other hand, If it seems that your journey is taking you off course from your destination, then sometimes you must make your own path.  Some times you must do what it takes to stay lined up on your goal, even if the path requires you to work a little harder to to get to the ultimate goal.

Chasing the Sun.


Chasing The Sun

I am chasing the sun! I made a decision and a goal to start a podcast this year. I set a goal to launch my podcast, Goal Getting – Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em by the end of 2014.

I bought my new microphone, an Audio Technica ATR 2100.  It is a USB Dynamic Microphone, that should be very easy to install.  I tested in on my computer at home and it worked great. I took it with me on vacation, planning to start recording my podcast while I was on a cruise… probably not the best idea as I was on vacation… Anyway, I didn’t record much.

When we returned from our cruise to our home, we had a letter from our landlord saying we would need to vacate our house within 6o days.  Unexpected events triggering unexpected expenses, unexpected time away from what I wanted to do and more delays.

After finally moving into our new house, my plan was to set up in one of the bedrooms as my podcast studio / office.  I got everything set up.  I recorded my first episode and completed the editing of Episode Zero!  It is in the can and ready for launch.  I want to have at least 5 episodes ready and waiting when I launch.

I started working with an accountability partner from my Podcast Paradise Group.  I set my goal to have two episodes ready and waiting by December 1st.  On the weekend before I was going to start recording. I had a long Thanksgiving weekend to concentrate on it.  I started writing my notes and getting ready. On Saturday, I recorded the first episode.  Worked on editing Saturday night.  Sunday I started working on recording the 2nd episode.  My Mic started flaking out. I couldn’t get Windows to recognize it – at all.  I spent Sunday trying to make it work.

On Monday, I contacted Audio Technica Technical Support.  They responded and everything they suggest still did not get it to recognize.  AHHHHH!

Wednesday, I had to work from home.  I went into my office, set up my computer, plugged in the ATR 2100 mic and it was instantly recognized!  What?  It stayed all day without a single glitch.  I was waiting all day for it to flake out again.  It didn’t.  After work, I started working on my second episode again.  I was able to record it and get most of it completed and ready for editing by bedtime.

Today, I completed editing and wrapping up my second episode.  The microphone is working perfectly.  I did nothing different. I changed nothing, but it is working like a champ. I was getting ready to start recording with my built in mic on the computer because I will not let it delay me any longer.

Now I don’t have to, since all is working well.  I am back on my path.  I am going to launch my podcast.  I hope you will come listen when I do launch. Continue to follow me here on this blog and I will hear when we launch.  Or, you could get updated immediately when I announce by dropping your email address below and I will send you notice. I will also put you on the list for a FREE copy of my eBook, “9 Steps to Successful Goal Setting”. . . .Can’t beat that! Early notification and a free eBook on Goal Setting.

Thanks. I will let you know when we launch our Goal Getting – Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em podcast.