3 Ways Your Mind Kills Your Dreams

Dream Big! Follow Your DreamsDream Killer

I was fascinated about motivational speakers. I loved to go to hear motivational speakers because I get really excited. It is almost riding a roller coaster.  They talk about cool things like new cars, big houses, traveling in motorhomes, luxury yachts and the big dreams.

A good motivational speaker will get you pumped up, they will get you motivated.  They should, that’s their job.  I have walked away from these motivational speakers ready to go tear up the world!

Then my stinkin’ mind would kick in –

The Goalie for the Other Team!

I started dreaming about what I could achieve. I started wanting to achieve that first Goal. Then my Subconscious Mind would Go,

“Wait a minute, Buster! You didn’t even go to college? How the heck do you think you can do that without a college degree?”

The I would start doing that Stinkin’ Thinkin’ I had been told about. I started quoting my mother and grandparents, “You aren’t college material.”  Then I would get down on myself and go about my usual day and forget about the goals I wanted to achieve.

It’s kind of like the World Cup! I really got into soccer, watching the World Cup.  You start moving down the field, all excited, you have that shot lined up and you take the shot.  Next thing you know, the Goalie for the Other Team JUMPS UP, and WHACK! They know the Goal Shot down and away. All you hear is boo’s and hisses from the crowd.  Your Goal is just shot down.

Don’t Let Your Mind Play Goalie for the Other Team!
– Tony Woodall

Our Subconscious Mind is programmed from the time we are born and into our adulthood.  Initially our parents, family members, and primary caretakers, then our teachers and religious leaders, etc.  Our environment start putting thoughts and belief systems into our subconscious mind that affects how we respond to success, failure, money and life.  It can play that goalie for the other team when we try to change our current lifestyle or environment.

The Imposter Within

I used to teach martial arts.  I was good at it. I loved to train and share what I knew with others that

Martial Arts Teacher Godan 5th Degree Black Belt

wanted to learn.  I had been teaching for years at the Dojo where I started learning the art.  I had students around the country and taught seminars for a fee to many other martial arts students. I progressed in rank to the level of Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt.  I had started gaining weight and not taking care of myself.  I was still a good martial artist.

After 15 years of training, my subconscious mind kicked in, “What do you think you are doing? You are not a warrior. Your fat and out of shape! What makes you think you can be a Sensei?

After a while, I believed it. I stopped teaching. I wasn’t good enough to teach others. Why would anyone listen to an overweight, out of shape Sensei.

This is a common Dream Killer, often referred to as the Imposter Syndrome. It is a deadly killer of goals and dreams.  Your mind starts making you feel like you don’t deserve to be who you are.  You are an imposter and should not do what you are doing.

I was talking to one of my Podcast mentors the other day about my goal for launching my Goal Getting Podcast, and how I had delayed it for a couple months.  He immediately said, “I hear the Imposter in your voice.  You need to kick him out and tell him to get lost.”

Luckily, I recognized it, as my friend said, The Imposter was trying to take over again. I decided to kick him out that day and am back on track to producing the Goal Getting Podcast.

Have you ever had the Imposter visit you.

The Navigator

When you get motivated to change your life, to improve yourself, the Subconscious Mind can start in. It’s programming may start telling you that what you are trying to do isn’t as important as the other stuff you are doing. You don’t really have time to work on something else. You are too busy.  You can always come back to that later.

Often, our subconscious mind has been filled with beliefs that you are successful just as you are. Your parents were happy where they were and you will be too. You don’t need to be better than your parents, friends, etc.  You aren’t better than them.  It starts making you believe that you need to stay on the course you are on.  Don’t change your course, you won’t be happy. Why change?

So, we put off what we really want to do. The excitement dies and life goes on!  Have you ever been there?  Does your dream dwindle when your mind says to stay the course?

It’s Time To Change Course!

It’s Time to Kick The Imposter Out of Your House!

It’s Time to Knock the Goalie Out of The Net!9 Steps To Successful Goal Achievement

You can modify the thoughts and belief systems in our Subconscious Mind.  There are techniques in the 9 Steps To Successful Goal Achievement and the Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em program that help you change the negative, Dream Killer, Success Stealing thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious mind and replace them with Goal Getting, High Achieving, Success Making thoughts and beliefs.

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