A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Mark Suster About Venture Capital and Startups

I just found this blog and I am glad I did. If you are interested in business, startups, venture capital and interesting things in general I think you will like this blog. I’ve got a lot of reading to do.


Mark Suster blogs at Both Sides of the Table, which describes him as follows. “Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur turned VC. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to Salesforce.com.”

Writing this post on Mark Suster has been relatively easy since he writes and speaks clearly, thinks rationally and is generous with advice. He is also fearless in terms of the positions he takes on issues even if they are contrarian, which makes what he says quite interesting.

Coming up with twelve solid quotes from a public figure is not as easy as you might think. There are a lot of people I would *love* to write about but they are private and don’t say much in public about business or investing. Some people who would otherwise have a lot to teach about investing or startups work very hard to…

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Are You Goal Getting? Don’t Just Set’em Get’em!

Goal Getting, Don't Just Set'em, Get'em Facebookl Cover-2Goal Achievement Is A Journey

Sometimes you must make your own path to achieve those goals.

By Tony Woodall
Host of Goal Getting Podcast

Hiking up a mountain to be able to climb the highest tree. Making your own path up that hillside to arrive at the final destination is what you have to do sometimes. If that’s what you want, you do what it takes.

When I was young, I decided I wanted to be successful. I wanted to be better than I was. I started attending seminars presented by motivational speakers. I would get psyched up and excited about the potential for my success. I noticed a lot of people like me, getting excited and psyched up about going out and achieving their dreams.

The one thing that I never remember seeing or learning while at all of the motivational seminars I attended, was How To Achieve Those Dreams.  I love motivational seminars and believe they are critical for us to keep up positive thoughts when we are stressed and tired.

I don’t, however, think they go far enough to teach us how to reach those dreams, to achieve those goals we get so excited about. So, I studied goal setting. I learned more and more about what it takes to achieve goals, to Get Goals We Set!  I learned to be a Goal Getter.

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New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work! Don’t Do Them.

Setting Goals Properly Works!

Make your own path!

Set Your Path and Achieve Your Goals

When you start on your path to achieve a goal, you are often confronted with many obstacles and struggles that keep you from achieving that goal.

Does your journey seem to take you away from the goals you want to achieve?  Sometimes it seems that way. Oftentimes, that journey seems like you are going around the wrong way.  When you look at it you may just be going around the obstacles to get to the same goal, but without the uphill battles you would normally need to take.

On the other hand, If it seems that your journey is taking you off course from your destination, then sometimes you must make your own path.  Some times you must do what it takes to stay lined up on your goal, even if the path requires you to work a little harder to to get to the ultimate goal.

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6 Crucial Steps to Stay Relevant in Digital Marketing for 2015

“Relevance is a search engine’s holy grail. People want results that are closely connected to their queries.”

Marc Ostrofsky, an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and New York Times Best Selling Author.

Relevance is critical to online marketing, social media, etc.  Providing content that is relevant will set you apart from the competition.  When I was studying Social Media Marketing Strategy from Michael Brito @Britopian he stressed the importance of relevance in social media.  He told us there are 3 Key Reasons Why Relevant Content is important to Lock Out the Competition.

Locked Out!

Relevance offers the Keys to Locking Out the Competition.

  1. Relevance adds value to the conversation – When you listen to the people that are talking about Your Brand, you can learn what they need, what their problems are, if they are disgruntled, etc. Knowing this can allow your company to provide answers, ideas and information that can provide value to your customers.
  2. Relevance positions Your Brand as a trusted advisor – People look for those “Trusted Advisors” to provide relevant information that allows them to make educated decisions. When I was a Loan Officer, I wanted my customers and prospect to think of me as their “Trusted Advisor” in mortgage lending and real estate when they needed to get a new loan or refer someone they cared about.
  3. Relevance provides authenticity and believability. Being able to build trust will build loyalty. Providing relevant content shows that Your Brand is authentic and trustworthy, it makes what you say believable.  Customers buy from people they trust.

Let’s look at how you can can stay relevant in 2015.

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How I Spent 10 Minutes Per Week to Triple My Twitter Followers

“I wanted to share a quick technique that has allowed me to triple my Twitter followers over the past few months.

Now, it’s obvious that one of the best ways to get more followers is to consistently tweet quality content. But are you doing that?

How much time does that take?”

Triple My Twitter Followers in a few months?

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical. I decided to give it a shot and try the technique that Craig Morrison spoke of in the article linked below. I have been growing my twitter following fairly fast. When you consider I just celebrated my 6th Twitterversary last week you would expect my followers to be where it is.  However, you also must realize that in April of this year, I had just passed 100 on my @TonyWCMB account.  I was excited.

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“Tear Down This Wall!”

I sit here this morning writing, thinking about how we all have walls that at times surround us and keep us from achieving our goals.

Tear Down Your Walls!

Today we celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall.   On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall started to dismantle.  It took only 29 months since President Reagan’s speech.

Thank you to the Reagan Foundation for posting on YouTube.

As you read in a previous post, when we returned from our vacation we were notified that we had to move within 60 days . This move is my current wall.

Unexpected expenses, unexpected time to do things related to the move, are all barriers, a wall, albeit a temporary one, that keep me away from doing the things I need to achieve my goal that I had planned to complete by the end of November.

I am working on creating and producing my podcast, “Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em”.  My goal is to have it ready for launch by the end of November.  I am not close to launching my podcast yet and have a lot to do.  But, I won’t let this wall stop me.  I will start to Tear Down This Wall.

Do you have walls that are you keeping from achieving your goals.  Remember, the Berlin Wall did not fall with President Reagan’s words.  It took 29 months, over 2 years, before the Berlin Wall began to fall.  On November 9th, 1987 the wall started to fall.  It took many more months before it was completely removed.

By removing the first barrier, the wall started to fall in small pieces, bit by bit.  Your walls are the same.  You just need to keep striving to achieve your goals and these walls will start to fall.

What is your biggest wall?  Do you want to know how to start tearing down your walls?  We are here to help.  What can you do?

  1. Follow this Blog – We will teach you Goal Getting, How to Set’em and How to Get’em.

  2. We are writing an eBook about “9 Amazing Steps to Successful Goal Setting”.  You can have your copy delivered to your email box when it is released by providing your name and email below.  We are excited to share this with you.

Tear Down Your Walls!

3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting

It’s New Year’s Resolution Season

I say season, because like a sports season, people set New Year’s Resolution right before the beginning of the new year and they typically keep up with them for about three months afterward.  The New Year’s Resolution Season lasts from December through March.  Why does it last such a short time?

New Year’s Resolutions DON’T WORK!  Goals Work!

Check out this video of my Toastmasters Club speech.  It is Speech #6 – Vocal Variety.

I discuss The 3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting!

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