4 Ways To Fight the Fears that Cripple Your Success

Antone Media Announces 1st Podcast. Goal Getting Podcast Launched

is Excited to Announce the Launch of our First Podcast

Goal Getting Podcast launched February 25th, 2015.  Get the Goals You Set!

Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, The Impostor Syndrome are fears that affect our success.  Do you suffer from these?  I wrote the speech linked here for my 10th Speech in the Competent Communicator manual for Toastmasters International. I am a member of a company Toastmasters Club.  Completing the CC as it is called is a big step for me.

Creating and launching the Goal Getting Podcast has been exciting and I have put a log of hard work in getting this launched.  I have achieved my goal that I set.  However, it wasn’t easy.  It should have been easier this time around. I did a podcast back in 2004.  It didn’t take me very long to get it up and running.

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Did I Just Waste The Entire Year

Without Direction, Your GPS can't help you.

Where to you want to go?

Have you ever been driving down the road and all of a sudden just come to the realization that you are farther along than you thought you were. You wonder,

Wait, How Did I Get Here?

You were driving, thinking or Not, and now you are miles down the road. That is a form of hypnosis. You were in a high state of suggestibility and with the monotonous road, the distractions the sensations of all around you suddenly you were somewhere you were not expecting to be.

That is how life is without a Clearly Defined, Written Goal. You just kind of wake up and you aren’t where you expected to be.

Did you want to be somewhere else? Did you think you would be someplace else in your life when you woke up on New Years Eve and you fell like you wasted the entire year?

I moved recently and there are many nights when I get off the train and get in my car and leave the station towards my house, I look up and realize that I am driving to my old house. I just made the turn to go right back where I was before.

What am I rambling about? What I am saying to you and, to me, is that if you don’t plan where you want to go every day, every time you do something, it is easy to fall into the rut of doing what you did before. You have to define what you want to do and be able to keep track of what you are doing to make sure you get there.

The GPS won’t get you where you are going if you don’t give it a destination.

I talk about Goals and how to set them effectively. As someone who claims to be an expert in this, sometimes I feel that I don’t practice what I preach. Much like driving down the road and realizing you aren’t sure how you got where you are, we often do this in life. We are busy with the things we are doing, thinking about all of the “traffic” in our lives, the things going by us, the things in front of us slowing us down, the people behind us with their high beams on pushing us forward. Next thing you know, we are not where we thought we were or would be.

We will be starting our Goal Getting Podcast soon. You can go over to the website and join the Goal Getter Nation to get email updates.  Just click on the picture below.

Goal Getting Podcast Don't Just Set'em, Get'em

We would love to hear what you think about our blog and what we are doing. If you have any suggestions or ideas about what you would like us to write about, please let us know below.


Thank You All – 2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 660 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 11 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Should you Sell your eBook on Amazon or your Blog? – Jeff Bullas’s Blog

Cover of my eBook - 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement

9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement

I just finished writing my eBook – 9 Steps to Successful Goal Setting and was wondering if I should try to sell it on Amazon or here on my blog. I think it was timely that I ran across this post by Jeff Bullas.  Jeff has pointed out a lot of great things on his post that would be very beneficial.

I plan to give my new eBook to listeners of my podcast Goal Getting – Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em – The Goal Getting Podcast at not cost, yes FREE.  Look for it to launch in early January.  And when you see it and send me your email, I will send you your Free Copy.

But I have to think. Do I want to sell it on Amazon.  That would be cool to be a published author.  It has been one of my goals. I should do what I can to achieve that goal.

What does Jeff have to say?

Should you Sell Your Book on Amazon or Your Blog via Jeff Bullas’ Blog.

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“Tear Down This Wall!”

I sit here this morning writing, thinking about how we all have walls that at times surround us and keep us from achieving our goals.

Tear Down Your Walls!

Today we celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall.   On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall started to dismantle.  It took only 29 months since President Reagan’s speech.

Thank you to the Reagan Foundation for posting on YouTube.

As you read in a previous post, when we returned from our vacation we were notified that we had to move within 60 days . This move is my current wall.

Unexpected expenses, unexpected time to do things related to the move, are all barriers, a wall, albeit a temporary one, that keep me away from doing the things I need to achieve my goal that I had planned to complete by the end of November.

I am working on creating and producing my podcast, “Goal Getting, Don’t Just Set’em, Get’em”.  My goal is to have it ready for launch by the end of November.  I am not close to launching my podcast yet and have a lot to do.  But, I won’t let this wall stop me.  I will start to Tear Down This Wall.

Do you have walls that are you keeping from achieving your goals.  Remember, the Berlin Wall did not fall with President Reagan’s words.  It took 29 months, over 2 years, before the Berlin Wall began to fall.  On November 9th, 1987 the wall started to fall.  It took many more months before it was completely removed.

By removing the first barrier, the wall started to fall in small pieces, bit by bit.  Your walls are the same.  You just need to keep striving to achieve your goals and these walls will start to fall.

What is your biggest wall?  Do you want to know how to start tearing down your walls?  We are here to help.  What can you do?

  1. Follow this Blog – We will teach you Goal Getting, How to Set’em and How to Get’em.

  2. We are writing an eBook about “9 Amazing Steps to Successful Goal Setting”.  You can have your copy delivered to your email box when it is released by providing your name and email below.  We are excited to share this with you.

Tear Down Your Walls!

3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting

It’s New Year’s Resolution Season

I say season, because like a sports season, people set New Year’s Resolution right before the beginning of the new year and they typically keep up with them for about three months afterward.  The New Year’s Resolution Season lasts from December through March.  Why does it last such a short time?

New Year’s Resolutions DON’T WORK!  Goals Work!

Check out this video of my Toastmasters Club speech.  It is Speech #6 – Vocal Variety.

I discuss The 3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting!

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3 Benefits of Signing a Goal Setting Promissory Note

Today, I just signed two Promissory Notes that I cannot afford to be foreclosed on.  They are both Promissory Notes on my life.

 No, I didn’t take out a loan with a Loan Shark with my life as collateral!  Well, unless I consider myself to be a Loan Shark.  I have been accused of being my own worst critic, but I have no intention of busting my kneecaps if I don’t pay off these two Promissory Notes.

First let’s explain what a “Promissory Note” is.

 A promissory note is just that, a Promise to Pay that is agreed to between two parties where the party of the first part agrees to pay the party of the second part certain items agreed to in the note on a specific date or on demand.
A Promissory Note is typically used in financial transactions such as loans.  When you take out a loan with a bank, for example, that institution is giving you something of value, usually money, for a period of time.  You are responsible for paying that loan back in a defined period of time.  You sign a “Promissory Note” often just referred to as a “Note” promising to repay that loan (in full and with interest, typically) back to the bank by a certain date.  Most notes also stipulate that you can be forced to pay the entire amount of the Note “On Demand” if certain parts of the note is not paid as agreed.
OK, I’ve into more legalese than you probably ever wanted to know.  But understand a Note is a PROMISE to DO SOMETHING agreed to by multiple parties.  The person promising and the person holding that person accountable.

Signing a Goal Promissory Note  with Yourself

I created and signed two Goal Promissory Notes with myself.  I have two goals that mean  a lot to me.  As I discuss in my Goal Setting seminars and a crucial part of the SMART Goals concept, Goals Must Be Measurable.

What Gets Measured, Gets Done!

When you create a Goal Promissory Note, you do a few things –


1. You set a clearly defined written goal.

It is a good idea to completely read any Notes you sign.  You want to understand what you are promising to do, right?   When you create the Promissory Note, you define the specifics to your goal that you will be working toward so you can clearly understand it.


2. You create a Binding, Legal Document.

Yes, it only legally binding between you and yourself.  But who better to hold you accountable.


3. You are making a Promise to Yourself to Perform!

Promises are important. You will keep your promises, especially to yourself.

I attended a presentation by the President of a “Credit Retrieval Agency” who stated that the very first task on their list when trying to get someone to pay on a Note that was delinquent was to phone the payer and ask,

“Mr. Smith, We know that keeping YOUR PROMISE is important to you. We are calling to ask when we can expect you pay the amount you PROMISED TO PAY, when you signed the Note to “so & so company”.

 He stated that they had a very high success rate with just that one call.  Why, most people are honest people and most believe Promises Are Important.

I Promise to Achieve My Goals

Now that I have created AND SIGNED, yes signing is important as well, my Goal Promissory Note for both of my goals I am on my way to being successful at achieving them.

My two goals I set today are:

A. On May 1st, 2015 I will get on the scale and it will read One Hundred and Eighty (180) Pounds.
B. On December 1st, 2014 I will launch my podcast on goal achievement strategies on iTunes.
I’ve attached my two hand written Goal Setting Promissory Notes so you can see the format I use.
Goal Promissory Notes 1

Goal Setting Promissory Note Commitment for Weight Loss Goal

Goal Promissory Notes 2

Goal Setting Promissory Note Commitment for Podcast Launch













I am committed to launching my podcast to share with you how to set goals properly and how to overcome the negative programming you may have received as you grew up and matured.  I know I have had negative programming that I had to replace with positive programming.  We will  be able to work together to become successful and achieve the goals we set.

If you would like to learn more, please enter your name and email address below and I will alert you when my podcast launches.  We can work together to Achieve Your Goals.