4 Ways To Fight the Fears that Cripple Your Success

Antone Media Announces 1st Podcast. Goal Getting Podcast Launched

is Excited to Announce the Launch of our First Podcast

Goal Getting Podcast launched February 25th, 2015.  Get the Goals You Set!

Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, The Impostor Syndrome are fears that affect our success.  Do you suffer from these?  I wrote the speech linked here for my 10th Speech in the Competent Communicator manual for Toastmasters International. I am a member of a company Toastmasters Club.  Completing the CC as it is called is a big step for me.

Creating and launching the Goal Getting Podcast has been exciting and I have put a log of hard work in getting this launched.  I have achieved my goal that I set.  However, it wasn’t easy.  It should have been easier this time around. I did a podcast back in 2004.  It didn’t take me very long to get it up and running.

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3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting

It’s New Year’s Resolution Season

I say season, because like a sports season, people set New Year’s Resolution right before the beginning of the new year and they typically keep up with them for about three months afterward.  The New Year’s Resolution Season lasts from December through March.  Why does it last such a short time?

New Year’s Resolutions DON’T WORK!  Goals Work!

Check out this video of my Toastmasters Club speech.  It is Speech #6 – Vocal Variety.

I discuss The 3 Amazing Concepts for Successful Goal Setting!

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Smooth Sailing on Summertime Cruises

Smooth Sailing

I love to go on cruises in the Caribbean.  I love Toastmasters and public speaking.  Today’s post is about one of my wife and my passions for taking summertime cruises in the Caribbean.

This is my Toastmasters Speech #4 – How To Say It.

Toastmasters defines Project 4 as:

How to Say It (Objectives: Select the right words, eliminate jargon, use rhetorical devices.)

This is the perfect project to tell about some of your favorite vacation spots; be sure to describe them vividly. Or describe your emotions during a major event in your life – marriage, the birth of your child, or retiring from your job. Describe a special person in your life, searching for just the right word to help everyone see and really know that person.

I presented this speech on July 23, 2014 at The FRB Toastmasters Club in San Francisco.  Watch the video below!

Smooth Sailing – Why I Love Cruising

We’ve cruised on Carnival Cruise Lines twice –  The Triumph and The Victory

CARNIVAL_TRIUMPH Carnival_Victory_in_Charlotte_Amalie Carnival Victory Slide Carnival-Victory-Promenade  Cruise Ship Sailing














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